May 22,2018

Sid believes in our students.

  • Decreased use of high stakes testing
  • Fully funded public education
  • Equity for all students

Sid supports our educators.

  • Incentives to recruit and retain quality educators
  • Protect the current retirement system for educators

Sid values our community.

  • Against public taxes funding private schools
  • Supports STEAM
  • Supports Vocational and Technical Education

This is my schedule. Please attend any of the following:


March 21, Senoia at McGuire’s Pub-6:00pm
March 22, Athens at Clark Co. Library-6:00pm
March 22, Marietta 6:30 Young Dems
March 24, Dahlonega at 12:00, 100 Public Square N
April 2, Columbus
April 7, Augusta
April 13, Upson County

Contact Sid Chapman


Snail Mail: PO Box 1925 Jonesboro, GA 30237